Work, work, work?

If you’re anything like me, working in college is pretty important to you. I’ve worked a combination of both seasonal and school jobs since I was 12 years old, so needless to say I was pretty adamant about finding some sort of job. Some would call me a workaholic, but I respectfully disagree.


If you look real hard, you can find jobs both on and off campus that are more fun than they are work. Take child sitting, for example. I currently “work” for the North Shore Community Baptist Church. By “work” I mean that I spend every other Thursday morning playing games with 3 year olds. I’d hardly call that work.


While in the eyes of NSCBC they’re appreciative of the work I put in, I’m appreciative of the opportunity they’ve given me. This is not unlike many of the job opportunities off campus. There is an abundance of opportunities from yard work to house sitting, all of which are more help than they are work, but at the end of it all a paycheck is always nice 🙂



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