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Alright, please forgive me for not posting one last time before I left Spain, but things were insanely busy! After I got back from Portugal, it was pretty much study, study, study for final exams! Oh, and not to mention, about a week before my finals, my hard drive crashed! So I was computer-less for an entire week. It was extremely difficult, but I found ways to study and keep in contact with people regardless! 🙂

So, I didn’t have too many crazy adventures when I got back from Portugal, because as I said, I was practically studying for exams and finishing up work the entire time! But it was all worth it. My CIEE classes ended mid-May, so I took one final, and the other class was over when I turned in my final article. Not sure if I told you all – I was taking a class that we wrote and edited a magazine, Mas y Menos. So my final article was on how the television in Spain plays a role in the life at bars. It was interesting, but I was pretty happy with the way it turned out!

So once those classes ended, it was all about studying for my three University exams. My first one was in geography, which I found out that I passed!!! So exciting. And then after the exam for that class, we had “trabajo” aka, like we still had to come to class because half of our grade was based on work we do. So I did all the work, and I passed that as well! So thrilled. 🙂 So geography is done! That’s the only class I know my grade for as of right now, but hey, I’m happy I did well! My next exam was for my Lope de Vega class. That exam I spent SO much time studying for! It consisted of two questions: one on theory, the other was a practical question. So the first question I had to write about the history of the theater in Spain, and the second question I had to take a text from a play she’d given us and write a commentary on it. It was a LONG test, took me the full two hours, but I’m pretty sure I did well! My last exam wasn’t an exam per say, but it was a lot of work. It was for my Critica Literaria class, and we had to write two essays to turn in before we left. The first one we had to read “Una Habitación Propia”, aka, “A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf, and write a commentary. So that took quite a while, because I had to do research on feminism and the book itself, etc. Then my next essay I had to write on the differences in classicism and romanticism! Definitely a lot of work, but I eventually got them done and turned them in before I left!

So once all my work and exams were done, it was practically time to leave. I couldn’t believe it, and I still can’t believe how fast it feels like it went by. The end of my trip was so much fun though, after exams and everything were done, and even during exams, we did some fun things! A lot of nights we just went out and hung out by the river, which I can safely say is my favorite spot in all of Sevilla. The river is absolutely beautiful and just such a fun place to go to with friends and hang out.


Here’s a picture of a bunch of my friends and I at the river! (We had also all just gone to my favorite ice cream place, Rayas! SO DELICIOUS!)

Let me think of some other things we did before leaving!

– Toured the bull ring (really cool!)


– Had a field trip for my geography class all around Sevilla (somewhat boring, but still interesting and fun because there were a bunch of my friends that went on it as well!)


– We had our end of the year party for Advanced Liberal Arts which was really fun and on top of a GORGEOUS hotel!


– Went to the beach in Cádiz — seriously GORGEOUS! And so hot and so fun!


– Went to an amazing pizza restaurant in Sevilla, called Orsini, a whole group of us, and it is DELICIOUS pizza and was SO much fun!


– Went hiking again! I really LOVED going on hikes in Spain and it’s something I want to continue now that I’m home.


– Paddleboated along the river Guadalquivir (TWICE!) So much fun and so beautiful. Kind of a different view of the river! I loved it.


– Okay, and I know this sounds totally stupid and something you could easily do in the US, but we went to see Pirates 4 (it was in English, but subtitled in Spanish), but I was pumped because they REFERENCED SEVILLA! I guess captain Jack Sparrow used to live in Sevilla, so he said that in the 4th movie, and we felt SO cool to be living in the place that was referenced at the time!!!!


But, yeah, so the end was pretty incredible (when I wasn’t studying for finals)! The whole trip really was incredible. I left early June 10th, 5am taxi to the Sevilla Airport. Sevilla to Madrid, Madrid to Boston! Family picked me up in Boston, we stopped for flatbread pizza in Portsmouth, which was AMAZING! And then headed home. Ran into a little issue at the airport when my SUITCASES DIDN’T COME! But it was because my flight from Madrid to Boston had been changed, so my suitcases were in Madrid when I got to Boston! But it’s alright, they were delivered to my house two days later, so it all worked out fine. I have to say, seeing my family in the airport was the most exciting and greatest feeling of my life! I sprinted to them and hugged them as hard as I could. Sister first, then mom, then dad. I was so happy to be with them and I still am now! It was such a great reunion and I had really missed them SO much!


Sister and me! 🙂 So happy to reunite with my best friend.



And all of you who have been reading I’m sure know that I am a HUGE Dunkin Donuts fan, and so you’ll KNOW that I missed Dunkin Donuts VERY badly for five months! Needless to say, we found one before leaving the airport. 🙂


So now I’m back home, and even though I miss Sevilla, I am really loving being home. Started back up at ‘ol Subway a few days ago, and have been working there and just hanging out with the family ever since! It’s summertime in Maine and the weather is finally getting nice! It was weird going from HOT SEVILLA to cooler Maine, but sometimes Sevilla was just too hot to bare! Especially towards the end, it was like 90’s every day. On days when it’s cold here, I do miss the heat, but I love summer in Maine and I’m just so excited to be back and to see what it brings!

So I don’t even know how to wrap up this blog, because I don’t know how to even wrap up my abroad experience in words. It was amazing, difficult, incredible, hard, stressful, hilarious, life-changing…really everything put into one! There are so many things I will miss about Sevilla.

– My host family

– The river

– The scenery – Europe is just BEAUTIFUL!

– Speaking Spanish

– Some of the food (I will say I do like food here better, but there are things there that I’ll miss!)

– My friends that I made

– Traveling around

– New adventures every day

– Living in a city

– Learning about culture

But, these are all things that I will always remember and treasure and appreciate from my abroad experience. I am so happy to have been able to have this opportunity, and I would recommend it to ANYONE. I think it’s a chance everyone should take and an opportunity you seriously don’t want to miss out on! Think about it, please. If you ever have any doubts about doing it, please contact me or talk to me! It is 100% worth doing, or at least considering! My time in Sevilla taught me not only a ton about Spain and culture and people, but I also ended up learning a LOT about myself. And that it something I had NOT expected!

So for now, I’m just enjoying the summertime, with family and friends, and working in between! But I will always have Sevilla in my heart, and I will never forget my experience and what it taught me, I know it will be with me for life.

Hasta luego, thanks for reading!


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