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A \"Privileged\" Life
As the nation pauses on Monday to honor the vision and efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., some professors at Gordon are also considering his impact on their work. Katie Knudsen, adjunct professor of Christian Theology, and The Great Conversation (More)
When Women Lean in, Men Grow Up
On today\'s home page of Inside Higher Ed, Provost Janel Curry challenges readers to see the benefits for institutions and culture when women and men lead together. More)
How a Liberal Arts Education Inspires Entrepreneurial Thinking
Gordon has long enjoyed a culture where new initiatives match new ideas. And scholarship anchors both. From the Institute for Public History and Global Educ (More)
Gordon Scholars Explore: Rejection and Cinema, Values and Mentoring
Around the world and across the Internet, Gordon professors continue to offer their expertise and scholarship for the (More)
In his seminal work, The Idea of a University, John Henry Cardinal Newman gives careful attention to the nature of "knowledge." Writing a defense for the idea of a Catholic uni (More)
Connecting Farm Houses
Cross-Cultural Food Conversation
Geraldine Mak More)
Thinking About the Flesh-and-Blood Jesus
New Testament scholar and theologian Scot McKnight used to ask his students if they thought Jesus made mistakes learning Hebrew or mathematics or Israelite history. "The question, I learned, was a good way to get students to think about the humanity (More)
How the Liberal Arts Can Prepare Entrepreneurs
In his most recent column in the Huffington Post, President and Sociologist D. Michael Lindsay explores the many benefits of a liberal arts education, especially for future entrepreneurs.  Useful Inn (More)
Center for Faith & Inquiry Honors Faculty Scholarship: Part I
In an effort to promote outstanding scholarship that can reach both professional and public/church audiences, the Center for Faith and Inquiry recently announced its inaugural Fellows for the 2013-14 academic y (More)
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