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Gordon Globes
Evans 1 EastPhoto Credit: sophomore photographer Kellyn Boyden Hosted by Gordon’s More)
Traveling with Students, Forming their Faith
How does a student grow? A new book released this summer from Abilene Christian Universi (More)
Priorities: From the Beach to the Books
I enjoyed a relaxing weekend. I biked to Singing Beach in M (More)
Receiving Grace: A Lenten Guide
This time of year leading up to Easter traditionally invites pilgrims to reflect and re-consider the essentials of (More)
Deep Faith
This past week at Gordon, from February 6th-10th, was devoted to Deep Faith (More)
A Community of Worship
Thursday night I trudged through the dark rain clutching my chai tea from Chesters and slipped into the old Claymore lounge in the basement of Chase dorm to find rows of chairs set up to face a keyboard, guitar, and drum in one corner. I greeted fami (More)