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New Frontiers: Faculty Expand Their Influence
Gordon has long recognized the impact and influence of its professors beyond the classroom and into the broader academic landscape. Recently, four professors took on new opportunities. More)
Writing the Personal and the Profound
For most professors, writing and publishing in their disciplines is a regular extension of their scholarship. But when writing becomes personal—and passionate—it has a different impact on both the audience and the scholar. Recently, three Gordon prof (More)
Screwtape on Stage, Thanks to Jones and Stevick
Norm Jones The imperfections of the human soul provided British writer C. S. Lewis plenty of fodder for his classic novel The Screwtape Letters, a humorous story told by (More)
Gordon Scholars Explore: Rejection and Cinema, Values and Mentoring
Around the world and across the Internet, Gordon professors continue to offer their expertise and scholarship for the (More)
Visiting the Land of Peter Rabbit and His Creator
Janis Flint-Ferguson in Ambleside, England. As many fans and scholars honor the 70th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's death, Janis Flint-Ferguson, professor of English and educa (More)
Public Scholarship: Faculty Lend Expertise to the News
July has been a busy media month for several Gordon professors as they've discussed their expertise with national and re (More)
An Innovative Slave Narrative Affects Popular Culture
Andrea Frankwitz William Wells Brown, one of the country's first African American writers to publish a variety of creative works, was also a slave. As part of her ongoing schol (More)
Faculty Kudos: Essays, Books and Professional Contributions
As the fall 2012 semester came to a close, there was much to celebrate with our faculty's many recent contributions in their respective fields. Here's a very brief overview:

Studying the Craft of Writing for Greater Conversations
[caption id="attachment_1718" align="alignleft" width="148"] Denise Frame Harlan

Writing is hard work, and reading great stories can be as inspiring as it is instructive for the aspiring writer. That's why Denise Frame Harlan, adjunct pr (More)
Loving Literature
My homework is another’s leisure.  I often hear people complaining that they enjoy a good read, but rarely have the time.  As an More)
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