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Writing the Personal and the Profound
For most professors, writing and publishing in their disciplines is a regular extension of their scholarship. But when writing becomes personal—and passionate—it has a different impact on both the audience and the scholar. Recently, three Gordon prof (More)
Sacred and Significant Landscapes
What is the difference between a sacred place and a place of significance?  Scholars of the geography of religion like Adrian Ivakhiv treat sacredness as a subset of significance.  The Kuyperian in me has a hard time with that prioritization si (More)
Religion in the Classes of Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford
The modern university owes much to religion's influence throughout history. In fact, there's a direct connection and ongoing influence, both (More)
Chores for Kids? Absolutely, Writes History Professor in Boston Globe Magazine
Agnes Howard Today's parents often let their children off the hook when it comes to household chores, but Agnes Howard, assistant professor of history, writes in Sunday's Bosto (More)
Faculty Kudos: Essays, Books and Professional Contributions
As the fall 2012 semester came to a close, there was much to celebrate with our faculty's many recent contributions in their respective fields. Here's a very brief overview:

The Massacre of Innocents: A History Professor Reflects on the Newtown Tragedy
[caption id="attachment_1774" align="alignright" width="150"] Tal Howard, director of the Center for Faith and Inquiry[/ca (More)
Making the Music of History . . . at the Smithsonian
[caption id="attachment_1647" align="aligncenter" width="540"] David Goss (center in red shirt) and The 2nd South Carolina String Band at the Smithsonian Institute.

It wasn't the More)
Hosting the Intersection of Faith and History
Jennifer Hevelone-Harper Whether the topic is human (More)
The Historic Role of Christians in Higher Education
Ever since the Enlightenment, Christians have tried to navigate an increasingly diverse culture as well as the various disciplines within hi (More)
"All Things Ancient": Wick Receives 2012 Marv Wilson Teaching Award
One student has called him a "human encyclopedia on all things ancient." Whether leading seminars to Greece or mentorin (More)
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