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A Lesson from the Sophomore Slump: The Value of Questions
I might be in denial regarding the semester’s end.  I was sweating in the August heat moving in new students just a few days ago, right?  As I prepared for finals, I reflected on all that’s filled my time over these past several months.  One thing de (More)
Can one be good without God?

The JAF Cohort 2011-2012 before the debate

And all shall be well...
We drove along winding roads, past colored clapboard houses nestled in the trees, until we veered onto a narrow dirt road and at its end, found ourselves beside a quaint New England farmhouse, painted red with green shutters and surrounded by woods. (More)
One Epic Class
Today, Sunday, I had a class for eight and a half hours. I know what you must be thinking: class on Sunday? For eight and a half hours?? What kind of class would do that??? Well it's not just any ordinary class. Our lengthy weekend excursion was a (More)