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The Global Language(s) of Scholarship
Academia today often requires dialogue across cultures, especially in addressing global issues, old and new. These faculty from very different disciplines have been busy with such work: More)
Models of Excellence, Scholars in Dialogue
Gordon professors from very different fields are often invited to offer their insights and expertise on teaching and dialogue at national gatherings. Here are three recent examples: More)
Teaching Teachers of French Through Technology and Cinema
Though Emmanuelle Vanborre, associate professor of French and chair of More)
Art at the Intersection of Culture and Consumption
This spring, the Spanish theatre journal Estreno (Estreno 39.1, pp 14-25) will publish an article from Pilar Pérez Serrano, associate professor of Spanish, her first in this respected journal. Here's how Pérez Serrano described it:
Developing New Literary or Linguistics Scholars


Professor Graeme Bird and student Sarah Seibert examine an ancient text.

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Facing the Past . . . on Austrian Public Television
Interviewed (in German) on (More)