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The Physics of Fly Fishing
It's not listed under the physics requirements in the catalogue, but David Lee, professor of physics, brings his knowledge and expertise to a (More)
'Reclaiming' Christian Thought Inside Higher Ed
In today's online news site, Inside Higher Education, Tal Howard, professor of history, teams up with Karl Giberson, author and adjunct profess (More)
The (Science and Religion) Writing Life
First there was physics. Then there was writing. Now, Karl Giberson, dir (More)
Joyous energy
My time working at the Boys & Girls club through Gordon in Lynn was fantastic. Through this community service I have grown in faith, understanding of the community around me, and even more than that, the needs that are present in our society. (More)
Lighting and leading and making connections
 It was such a blessing to be at the Lighthouse youth group every Thursday night! This past week was probably one of my favorite weeks in Lynn. Usually our team played dodge ball with a large group of kids, but one week a lot of us took some time a (More)
Beyond the Academics
  We can never truly know the impact that we make on others lives. Community service in Lynn as part of the Great Conversation course is the same way. We take a portion of our time each week to travel from Wenham to Lynn and try our best to hav (More)
Sweet Caroline
“I didn’t want to go.” Caroline tells me, recalling her first time attending the program. “She was shy. We all thought she was a bully!” another girl pitches in with a playful grin. But this shy girl who was afraid is now at home here, she even has p (More)
Teaching reading with empathy
Helping out at Ford School in Lynn was an amazing experience, especially since I want to become an elementary school teacher. It was a lot more challenging then I thought it would be because all the students are at different reading levels. Not only (More)
Playing Hard, Impacting Lives
My experience in the Boys and Girls Club has been one I did not expect.  I help out in the gym every time I go, and  there are always so many kids that it can be really hard to put names with  faces.  I do recognize several kids who are there almost (More)
A Call through Little Smiles
Volunteering with kindergarteners in Lynn will be something I will never forget about my first semester at Gordon. Through the relationships I built in Lynn I learned about the blessings one can receive from serving others. I remember my first day se (More)
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