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Memories, Words and A Psychology of Living
Does everyone in the world return to signifiant memories in their lives? Does finding just the right word in a conversation depend on a person\'s context? Two members of Gordon\'s psychology department explore such questions in  their recent schol (More)
Considering the Conflict in Conformity
Agreeing with others, even when they appear to be more knowledgeable on a subject, is not always easy, or predictable, according to Bert Hodges, professor of ps (More)
Exploring the Dynamics between Rural Poverty and Education
Phillips explored the area in many ways! It’s cold in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. And its economy, once built on forest and maple products, has falter (More)
Psychology Beyond the Classroom
Though the new semester has officially begun, like most Gordon scholars, Jonathan Gerber, associate professor of psychology, is pre (More)
Gordon Scholars Explore: Rejection and Cinema, Values and Mentoring
Around the world and across the Internet, Gordon professors continue to offer their expertise and scholarship for the (More)
Six Faculty + Summer Grants = Interesting Scholarship, Part III
Each summer at Gordon, the Provost's Office invites applications for small grants that Faculty can use toward ongoing research and scholarship in between academic years. This summer, six were awarded stipen (More)
Christian Scholars Address Ethics Crises
Whether there's a new cultural crises in ethics or such crises have simply become more public through the information age, the need to address them is real. At this year's interdisciplinary  Christian Scholars Co (More)
Discovering a New Way to Listen to Sufjan's "Illinois"
There are several ways to listen to music, and new theories are emerging often, even for classic rock albums. As part of his ongoing musical scholarship, Jonathan Gerber, assistant professor of psychology, and his wife Alison, also a musician and poe (More)
Voting and Coolness, Lectures and Leadership
Faculty contributions beyond the classroom have been many during the past few weeks. Here's a sampling: On election day, Paul Brink, associate professor of political science, was a featured guest on the "John Hall and Kathy Eamons Show" at 5 o'clo (More)
On the Air: Gordon Team Wins Radio Grant
Psychology professor and contemporary music scholar Jonathan Gerber, ce (More)
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