Introducing Blackboard 9

This fall the returning students will be greeted by a brand new version of Blackboard! The CET, along with the Network and Systems group, has been working hard to get this new version up and running and have been transitioning content over from version 8 to get ready for the fall. As of now all classes for the Fall semester have been created and are ready for you to start adding your content.

Feel free to log in and start using Blackboard 9 today. All classes have been created and students have been enrolled.

If you have any questions about the new version of Blackboard, or would like to set up a training session, please do not hesitate to contact the CET and set up an appointment.


Currently you may access the new blackboard at On August 16th the URL will be changing to the usual Once this switch occurs to may still access the old Blackboard server for informational purposes at See figure below for more details.

On August 16th the URL '' will begin linking to the new Blackboard 9

On August 16th the URL '' will begin linking to the new Blackboard 9


  • Do I need to request that my course be created?
  • No. As always, all courses are being created automatically

  • Is it possible to copy course material from Blackboard8 to Blackboard9?
  • Yes. Simply put in a request with the CET and your course will be copied into Blackboard9

  • I teach two (or more) sections of a course and would like to use the same course material in Blackboard for both without having to maintain multiple shells. Is this possible?
  • Yes. Just choose one of the sections to be the ‘master’ and put in a request with the CET to combine your sections. After the combination all of the students from all of the sections will be automatically enrolled in the ‘master’ course.