Royal Probabilities

Veatch_Michael_2008_11_21_01_51_15From July 6-8, 2011, Mike Veatch, professor of mathematics, will travel to the 16th INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference which will take place at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm, Sweden.

The conference focuses on applications of probability to stochastic systems arising in operations research, computer networks, biology and finance.

The title of Mike’s paper and talk is Approximate Linear Programming for Average Cost Markov Decision Processes.” Here’s what he says about it: “My talk has applications to scheduling manufacturing systems and telephone call centers. In principle, these complex systems can be optimized to minimize congestion, but the control problem is intractable, so we study approximations.”

Distinguished Faculty Awards, 2010-2011

tedwood_2006_10_05_12_37_04On Saturday, May 21, at Gordon’s 119th Commencement ceremony, provost Mark Sargent recognized professor of economics and business Ted Wood and associate professor of linguistics and classics Graeme Bird as this year’s recipients of the Distinguished Faculty Awards. The Distinguished Faculty Awards are given annually to one senior and one junior full-time faculty member in recognition of excellence in teaching, substantial scholarly and professional achievement, and notable service to the Gordon community. GraemeBird_2008_08_15_11_27_30Upon being nominated by the faculty and members of the graduating class, the final recipients of the award are chosen by a committee comprised of Distinguished Faculty Award winners from the previous three years and the provost.

To view the provost’s remarks for each recipient, use the following links for Senior Distinguished Faculty award winner Ted Wood and Junior Distinguished Faculty Award winner Graeme Bird.

Ketcham Recognized for Excellence in Teaching

Ketcham_Sharon_2008_11_19_02_50_371_2009_09_16_05_14_04Sharon Ketcham, assistant professor of Christian ministries, was honored as the fourth recipient of the Marv Wilson Award for Teaching Excellence in the Humanities. Established in 2006 through a generous donation from alum Betsy Gage Pea ’79, the Marv Wilson Award recognizes annually one faculty member from the Humanities Division or the Department of History “whose teaching exemplifies excellence in the classroom, a deep commitment to inspiring students to realize the ideals of careful scholarship in their own work, and the integration of the Christian faith and learning in the Humanities.”

Ketcham, who is completing her seventh year of service at the College, received the award in front of her peers at a May 4th faculty meeting. In presenting the award, department chair Roger Green drew attention to Sharon’s work in developing the College’s new Core course in Christian Theology: “You have worked closely with your colleagues in the course, inspiring them in their contributions, and have provided an invaluable experience for the students taking this course as the pilot course for what is to come in the future.  You have constantly encouraged students in the course to understand their own theological assumptions against Scriptural standards and the traditional teachings of the Church.”