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Three Types of Forgiveness: From Outrage to Freedom

This past summer, Dr. Judith Oleson, associate professor of sociology and social work and coordinator of the Peace and Conflict Studies Minor, had an opportunity to stay in the old Jewish quarters of Krakow, Poland. She then visited the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau, where nearly the entire Jewish population of Europe was extinguished. As a result, the Holocaust became Read full article »

Salem: Coming to Peace with The Witch City

Just in time for Halloween weekend, Kristina Stevick, artistic director of Gordon's History Alive! considers (in her recent Faith + Ideas = column) how the spooky, zany holiday shouldn't be the only thing Salem, Massachusetts, is known for. (Her editorial column was also reprinted in The Salem News.) By Kristina Stevick  Salem, Massachusetts, where I work, is a city with a complicated personality. Read full article »

The Virtues of French Cheese

Written exclusively by Gordon faculty members and administrators, Faith + Ideas = is a regular column exploring relevant issues and intellectual interests for our community as well as the broader culture. Several weeks ago, professor of French Damon Di Mauro enlightened readers on the virtues of French cheese...and how those virtues speak to the magic of higher learning. The subject came Read full article »

Light + Plexiglass + Titania = Water Purification Possibilities

These are good days for the field of chemistry. With October 16-22 designated  National Chemistry Week by the American Chemistry Society, and 2011 declared the International Year of Chemistry, Gordon's chemistry department is in good company with both its enthusiasm and research. And for Gordon's newest member of the chemistry department, associate professor Joel Boyd, the United Nation's emphasis on water purification is Read full article »

Mom and Dad Still Matter, Cook’s Study on Morality Concludes

Kaye Cook, professor of psychology, will be landing in Shanghai Friday, October 21, and traveling to Nanjing for the Association for Moral Education meetings. As secretary of the board, she's been a clearing house for information about visas, hotels, and train schedules, yet has never been to China.  While in Nanjing, Dr. Cook will give a presentation based on data Read full article »

Gordon-hosted Conference Produces Second Special Edition Journal

Professor of psychology Bert Hodges recently had two works published. The first is a special issue of the journal Ecological Psychology (Vol. 23, 3), edited by Hodges and Carol Fowler (University of Connecticut & Haskins Labs). The issue is entitled "Distributed, Ecological, and Dynamical Approaches to Languaging and Language," and it is the second special issue to emerge from a Read full article »

Herman Dooyeweerd Comes to Zumi’s

Inspiration and coffee often go hand in hand, especially for scholars. Paul Brink, associate professor of political science, experienced such, wrote an essay about a recent intersection of coffee drinking and political theory he discovered in a local coffee shop near his home.  Comment Magazine, a publication committed to "public theology for the common good,"  published his essay in its most Read full article »