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Delivering Aid in Kenya

On Thursday, December 1, Mike Veatch, professor of mathematics and chair of the mathematics and computer science department, will be giving a talk on campus (KOSC 125 at 4:45 p.m.) about the "Spatial Distribution of  Aid Recipients in Kenya." In it he'll explore how GiveDirect, a non-profit organization, recruits and delivers aid to residents of Kenya. The aid delivered is cash Read full article »

Voting by the Numbers

Yes, the presidential election season is upon us again, and that's good news for assistant mathematics professor Karl-Dieter Crisman as he continues exploring several theories related to voting. In early January, he'll be presenting a talk entitled, "Symmetry in Voting Theory: The Borda-Kemeny Spectrum and Beyond" in Boston at a special session of the American Mathematical Society joint meeting with the Read full article »

“The Last of the Rowanberrys” or The Distinctions of Gordon College

When Provost Mark Sargent started preparing his fall presentation about Gordon’s distinctives, he wondered if he would be able to get the marketing jargon and agenda from the past decade out of his head.  He told the faculty and staff who gathered for the special faculty forum, that what "saved" him was reading Wendell Berry. By exploring five key areas Read full article »

The Color of Sound?

Are a person's eyes the only way to see color? That's one of many sensory related questions assistant professor of philosophy Brian Glenney has been exploring for the past several years in his scholarship and research, using color sonification sensory substitution devices (SSD) to test his theories. Next month at a conference in Scotland on sensory worlds, Dr. Glenney will present some Read full article »

Oil and Coral

Assistant professor of biology Walter Cho recently returned from St. Petersburg, FL, where he was a participant in the  Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Principal Investigator One Year Update Workshop, sponsored by the National Science and Technology Council's Sub-Committee on Ocean Science and Technology. Along with his colleague Timothy Shank from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Walter presented his research on Read full article »