Boorse Leads Report on Climate Change and Poverty

This week, Dorothy Boorse, associate professor of biology, travelled to Washington D.C., to launch a new report she helped author on climate change and poverty. The report, “Loving the Least of These: Addressing a Changing Environment, was initiated by the National Association of Evangelicals and the result of a collaboration with other scientists and leaders. 

“The issue [of climate change] can be confusing in the media, so we wanted to present clear, thoroughly researched but accessible information people can trust but could also stand up to scrutiny by experts,” Boorse said. “This report is an exciting step forward.”

NAE began the project by wanting to broaden Christian concern for the poor, and set out to produce a collaborative publication that could address such issues. The result is a 50-page print and online publication that explores the relationship between the changing environment and poverty. “Loving the Least of These” is divided into four sections: 1.) a biblical basis for Christian engagement; 2.) the science of changing climate; 3.) a perspective of how climate change affects the poor; and 4.) practical ways to move forward.

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