Facing the Past . . . on Austrian Public Television

Interviewed (in German) on Austrian Public Television ORF for its news show, “Zeit im Bild,” Gregor Thuswaldner, associate professor/chair of Languages and Linguistics, discussed Thomas Bernhard, one of the most important and provocative European writers of the 20th century. Thuswaldner, who grew up in Salzburg, Austria, and now directs Gordon’s new Salzburg Institute, travelled to Austria during January 2012 for the interview. Here’s Thuswaldner’s summary of his new book “Morbus Austriacus: Thomas Bernhard’s Critique of Austria,” which was published (in German) this past fall:

“Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989) repeatedly criticized Austria for its refusal to come to terms with its Nazi past. In this new book, I attempt to analyze the complexity and contradictory nature of Bernhard’s critique. Emphasizing Bernhard’s exceptionally sophisticated poetological concepts in light of Austria’s political and cultural history after World War II, I try to illustrate in this new work the subtle  aspects of Bernhard’s critique, which have been largely overlooked.”

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