Modeling a New Conversation

This semester, Paul Brink, associate professor of political science, is teaching a waiting list-only class on justice while also preparing 17 students to represent Cameroon at Harvard’s Model United Nations, February 16-19. Both teaching experiences will no doubt provide him with fresh insight for regular contributions he’ll make throughout the year to a new web site entitled, Respectful Conversations.

Started by Harold Heie, senior fellow at Gordon’s Center for Christian Studies (CCS), Respectful Conversations will post regular commentaries by six Christian thinkers—including Brink—throughout 2012 leading up to the presidential election. Their goal is to “model an alternative political conversation (from thinkers) who situate themselves at various points along the political spectrum.” Their hope is that the conversations may help clarify for Christians and all citizens their own views “on public policies as they prepare for their voting decisions in November 2012.” The project is spearheaded by Heie along with Steve Monsma of Calvin College, and is co-sponsored by the CCS, the Henry Institute for Christianity and Politics at Calvin, and the Center for Public Justice in Washington, D.C.

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