Filmmaking and Creative Community

This past summer, Toddy Burton, assistant professor of communication arts (pictured here), wrote, directed and produced a short film called The Miners. She spent the fall editing it (in between teaching three classes) and has been invited to the annual L’Abri conference in Rochester, MN, Feb 10-11, to screen it and discuss it. Each year L’Abri chooses a conference theme; this year’s is, In the Beginning: Celebrating and Defending the Doctrine of Creation in a Naturalistic Culture.  Burton will participate with Denis Haack, co-director of Ransom Fellowship, in a discussion entitled, “Creativity in Film: from Genesis to Production.” While she is also planning a screening of her new film at Cinema Salem in February, she’s looking forward to this first event:

“I screened my last short film The Aviatrix at the L’Abri conference in 2008 and it was a fantastic experience — lively, full of inspiring and challenging conversations. I’m excited to return with The Miners, which we’ve just completed, and to discuss the creative aspects and challenges of filmmaking. So much goes into making a movie with so many people, that it feels fitting to show this at an intentional community like L’Abri. Everyone I’ve been working with (on the film) has worked very hard and we’re just beginning our festival submission process. Hopefully, this will be the first of many such opportunities for the cast and crew to celebrate at some screenings around the country (or the world!).”

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