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Receiving Grace: A Lenten Guide

This time of year leading up to Easter traditionally invites pilgrims to reflect and re-consider the essentials of the Christian faith. Last fall, Greg Carmer, dean of Chapel, and his staff invited several from the Gordon community to contribute their thoughts for a community reflection. The result is a Lenten Devotional: The Hope Before Us. The following is Dr. Carmer's Read full article »

‘Reclaiming’ Christian Thought Inside Higher Ed

In today's online news site, Inside Higher Education, Tal Howard, professor of history, teams up with Karl Giberson, author and adjunct professor of science, for a lively essay on 'reclaiming' Christian thought. Below is a short excerpt of the essay. Read the entire essay here. "Restoring the Evangelical Mind Requires Courage" " . . . If the idea of Christian perspectives raises your Read full article »

From the Stone Age to Christianity: Revisiting a “Commanding Voice” of Biblical Archaeology

Associate Professor of History Stephen Alter's latest publication appears in the March 2012 edition of the Journal of Religious History, Vol. 36, No. 1.  It is the first of what Alter hopes will be a larger project on the views of American Old Testament scholars concerning the 'higher criticism' of the Bible in the period between 1870 and 1930. Albright was a Read full article »

Screen Talk: Movies About What Movies Are

In the first of an ongoing series of film reviews and discussions, Rini Cobbey, associate professor of communication arts, offers this initial overview of the recent slate of movies—"My Week With Marilyn," "The Artist" and "Hugo"—about movies: By Rini Cobbey “We could get into trouble,” a young girl tells her companion in Hugo. “That’s how you know it’s an adventure.” How do Read full article »

On Molyneux’s Question

Even while he's on sabbatical in Seattle this semester, Brian Glenney, assistant professor of philosophy, is engaged in educating others about issues within his field. Recently, he made this contribution to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Molyneux’s Question, he says, prompts a number of perplexing issues in both the psychology and philosophy of perception. Primarily it links these fields of Read full article »

Doneski: Music ‘Teacher’s Teacher’

Twelve years ago, Sandy Doneski wanted to give children on Boston’s North Shore an opportunity to grow as musicians. But she felt it was equally important to provide music education majors the chance to develop as teachers and conductors.  So she started the Gordon College Children’s Choir, and its young members have since performed countless times under Doneski’s leadership as the Read full article »

The Passion (Play) Reimagined

The last days of Christ on earth have been the subject of numerous passion plays around the world. But a new play imagines those dark days from an unusual perspective, that of Judas. From March 6-26, Jeffrey S. Miller, professor of theatre arts, will be heading to Minneapolis, MN, to direct Kingdom Undone, Jeremiah Gamble's new play that focuses on the interaction Read full article »