Christians and Politics?

This week, Gordon hosts the Christians in Political Science national conference, partnering with the Center for Public Justice (CPJ) and the Institute for Global Engagement. Several Gordon professors are participating and Timothy Sherratt, professor of political science, has written a recent column for CPJ’s Capital Commentary addressing some of the issues:

“Power and Justice to Change the World?”  By Timothy Sherratt

This week, the Center for Public Justice is cosponsoring the Christians in Political Science conference at Gordon College—Power and Justice: Perspectives on Political Order. This promises to be a stimulating and eclectic gathering of scholars tackling a wide array of political matters through an equally broad range of approaches and techniques.  But I draw attention to the conference for the way it may punctuate a season of reflection—even doubt—about Christianity and politics.

Few scholarly works see the light of day outside the ivy-covered walls of the Academy. Those few that do emerge take a number of paths into the daylight. James Davison Hunter’s To Change the World (2010) is one of the few. It may not have flooded church cultures, but it is percolating through Christian intellectual gatherings, drip by drip, as one scholar after another engages the author’s argument.
Read the rest of Tim’s column here.

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