Salvation Army Honors Roger Green with Rare Citation

On August 20, 1917, Bramwell Booth, the eldest son of William and Catherine Booth and the person who succeeded William as the General of The Salvation Army, inaugurated The Order of the Founder to honor his father. Millions of members of the Salvation Army have lived and died since the Order was established, but it has been presented to only about 250 people.  It is an honor that is given sparingly.

On the first Saturday in June 2012, Roger Green, professor and chair of biblical studies and Christian ministries, was granted the Order at a gathering of 4,500 Salvationists. Born into a Salvation Army family with grandparents and parents both serving as ministers, Green has written numerous works on the Army and his biblical scholarship is extensive. Green admits to being “completely surprised” by the award; even more so when he saw that the Organization had flown in his younger brother and his wife from Kentucky, and their older brother and his wife from Chicago to celebrate the award with him and his wife.

Linda Bond, the current General of the Salvation Army, would have presented Green with the Order personally during her visit to the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings July 29, but Green will be in Chicago then participating in ministry with the Army there. Instead, she sent this citation:

“Presented to Dr. Roger Green: In recognition of the sterling salvationism of a committed soldier of Jesus Christ, who had enriched the life and ministry of The Salvation Army through his writing, teaching, preaching and tireless efforts to encourage people in their Christian faith and personal commitment to Army service.

“I hereby admit the said Dr. Roger Green to The Order of the Founder and direct that his name be inscribed on the Roll of the Order.

Linda Bond, General, International Headquarters, London, England
Dated this 29th day of July in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Twelve.”


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