Read On: One Teacher Educator’s Practice

As the school year gets underway, a teacher’s job makes the difference. Priscilla Nelson, associate professor of early childhood and elementary education, says reading instruction is linked to all other learning and models it in her classes at Gordon. She outlined her experience in an article for the summer 2012 Action in Teacher Education issue of the Journal of the Association of Teacher Educators. Below is the abstract for Nelson‘s article entitled, “Activating the Need to Know in Reading Instruction: One Teacher Educator’s Practice.”

Abstract: “This article examines one teacher educator’s teaching of reading methods at a university that was recognized for exemplary reading instruction. Data collected over the course of one semester indicated that she modeled the teaching of reading and served as a catalyst in activating preservice teachers’ need to know about how to teach reading by helping each one make a personal connection to the content through assignments, feedback, class sessions, and field assignments. This teacher educator’s practice can inform others who seek to establish closer and more productive links between coursework, fieldwork, and prospective teachers’ teaching.”

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