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From the Wall Street Journal to Watershed Moments: Gordon Faculty Gain Far-Reaching Influence

Lately, it's been difficult to keep up with the many exciting opportunities Gordon's scholars have been given. So here's a quick overview of what some professors have been doing even as the fall semester classes have begun: •Timothy Sherratt, professor of political science, was quoted Friday, Sept. 21, in the Wall Street Journal in an article (by Gordon alum, Eric Convey) Read full article »

On Journalism and Being a Neighbor

With so many people coming and going in our culture and lives, what exactly does it mean any more to be a neighbor? Jo Kadlecek, senior writer and journalist in residence, writes in the local Salem News about her New England neighbor, whose personal milestone of turning 95 years old, is newsworthy in itself. "New England neighborliness and the Lady at Read full article »

Film Review: When Women First Got Out the Vote

As today's presidential candidates work hard to earn the much coveted women's vote, one recent HBO movie told the story of how women got it in the first place. Here, Rini Cobbey, associate professor of communication arts and one of Gordon's resident film critics, reviews Iron Jawed Angels, a contemporary dramatization of the final years in the U.S. women’s suffrage movement (starring Hilary Read full article »

The Historic Role of Christians in Higher Education

Ever since the Enlightenment, Christians have tried to navigate an increasingly diverse culture as well as the various disciplines within higher education. During a one day conference sponsored by Baylor University entitled, The Cross and The Book: Sacred and Secular in the Age of Browning, Stephen Alter, associate professor of history and department chair, will address some of those issues through the Read full article »

Traveling with Students, Forming their Faith

How does a student grow? A new book released this summer from Abilene Christian University Press entitled, "Building a Culture of Faith: University-wide Partnership for Spiritual Formation" explores that question and Greg Carmer, dean of the chapel, has contributed a chapter entitled, "Tour Guides, Translators and Traveling Companions: How Faculty Contribute to the Spiritual Formation of Students." The collection consists of 14 original essays Read full article »

Film Review: “The Campaign” as Election Fodder?

In case the national Republican and Democratic conventions haven't provided enough entertainment or inspiration lately, the new Will Ferrell movie, The Campaign, opened in theaters last week. But Rini Cobbey, associate professor of communication arts and one of Gordon's resident film critics, has her doubts about this one. Read her latest movie review below. Next week Cobbey will review Iron Jawed Angels, Read full article »

On the Air: Gordon Team Wins Radio Grant

Psychology professor and contemporary music scholar Jonathan Gerber, center, with Scot Radio student leaders. First, there is the Tune Tracker, a new radio software that allows disc jockeys to schedule, stream and loop tracks so people can tune in to listen any time. Then there’s the Presonus Studiolive Mixer, a device that improves broadcast quality while limiting feedback and boosting Read full article »