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Moving Forward: Glenney Shows Why Symbols Matter Around Campus

Turn into any parking lot and it’s easy to spot the handicapped spaces by the traditional blue and white accessibility icon: a stationary wheelchair under a static stick figure. But this month, the handicapped spaces across Gordon’s campus show a new icon, a person leaning forward, arm in the air as if to push the wheels, making the College the Read full article »

Lazarus, John’s Gospel, and Friendship in South Africa

Steve Hunt in Cape Town, South Africa, at the end of his trip. The last thing Steve Hunt, professor of biblical studies and Christian ministries, thought when he began his scholarship on the Gospel of John was that it would take him around the world, to South Africa to be exact.  But since 2009, Hunt has been working on a book with D. Read full article »

Film Review: Getting Out the Vote in “Secret Ballot”

Resident film critic Rini Cobbey, associate professor of communication arts, continues her series of reviews for the "Elections and Presidents" Faculty Film Series. Waiting for the Vote: Secret Ballot By Rini Cobbey This whole democracy business can get a little absurd . . . frustrating . . . bureaucratic . . . quixotic . . . but as Prof. Paul Brink noted Monday, Read full article »

Walking—and Writing—Together in South Africa

A few years ago, Paul Brink, associate professor of political science, travelled to South Africa as part of a collaborative effort of Christian scholars to engage with cultural and political issues there. The result is a new book called, "Walking Together:
 Christian Thinking and Public Life in South Africa," published by ACU Press and edited by Joel Carpenter, professor of history Read full article »

Philosophic Insights of the Encyclopedic Kind

Lauren Barthold Lauren Swayne Barthold, associate professor of philosophy and coordinator for the gender studies minor, has been busy lately. Her article "Rorty, Religion, and the Public-Private Distinction" appears in the October 2012 print issue of the peer reviewed international journal, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Volume 38 Issue 8.  And the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a peer-reviewed academic resource, has just become a little Read full article »

History & Immigration, Inspiration & Innovation

News about Gordon's faculty just keeps coming, confirming their impact in their respective fields. Here's another round up of some recent highlights: David Goss •David Goss, assistant professor of history, was named Alumnus of the Year ('74) at Gordon's homecoming on Oct. 5 for his leadership in public history and museum studies throughout Salem and across the North Shore. (Later this Read full article »

Hosting the Intersection of Faith and History

Jennifer Hevelone-Harper Whether the topic is humanism in Turkey, sex and politics from the Medieval Church to the Reformation, or Christian identity and practice in the early Middle Ages, Gordon's history professors will be instrumental during this week's 28th Conference on Faith and History on campus, Oct. 3-6. A wide variety of panel discussions, presentations and keynote talks are scheduled and Read full article »