Hosting the Intersection of Faith and History

Jennifer Hevelone-Harper

Whether the topic is humanism in Turkey, sex and politics from the Medieval Church to the Reformation, or Christian identity and practice in the early Middle Ages, Gordon’s history professors will be instrumental during this week’s 28th Conference on Faith and History on campus, Oct. 3-6. A wide variety of panel discussions, presentations and keynote talks are scheduled and will bring over 250 visitors to campus.

Led by Jennifer Hevelone-Harper, professor of history, other participating Gordon professors will include: Stephen G. Alter, department chair and associate professor of history; K. David Goss; assistant professor of history; Tal Howard, professor of history and chair of the Center for Christian Studies; David Wick, professor of history; Roger Green, professor of biblical studies, and adjunct professors Agnes HowardSuzanne Hevelone, and Ute Possekel.

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