Studying the Craft of Writing for Greater Conversations

Denise Frame Harlan

Writing is hard work, and reading great stories can be as inspiring as it is instructive for the aspiring writer. That’s why Denise Frame Harlan, adjunct professor and committee member for The Great Conversations courses at Gordon, models the writing life to her students. This month, for instance, the Englewood Review of Books invited Frame Harlan to reflect on a classic for its Advent print edition; she chose “The Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor,” reviewing it under the title, “Sometimes it Takes a Lifetime to Read a Book.”

The High Calling—a daily blog for Laity Lodge in Texas—has published a series of Frame Harlan‘s stories about her parents and their work. The first   and second stories were published this summer. This month, The High Calling published her third story, which is about working with her brother at a resort over one Christmas break when they were college students.

Frame Harlan also has reviewed several books on the Englewood Review of Books site which she says, “would make excellent Christmas presents for readers who happen to be creative people, creatively tired people, or overwhelmed parents who wonder how to return to creativity and faith.”  To learn more about her work, visit her website.

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