Art at the Intersection of Culture and Consumption

This spring, the Spanish theatre journal Estreno (Estreno 39.1, pp 14-25) will publish an article from Pilar Pérez Serrano, associate professor of Spanish, her first in this respected journal. Here’s how Pérez Serrano described it:

Pérez Serrano

“The article entitled, “The Song of the Sirens: Awareness and Survival in the Era of Capitalism,” is about a new play written by Raúl Hernández Garrido, who I focused on in my dissertation. The name of the play is El canto de las sirenas.

Currently staged in Madrid together with eight others in a show called ‘Mein Kapital,’ the play is a collaborative effort among eight different playwrights from three different theatre companies and regions of Spain (Madrid, Cataluna, and Aragón). Their challenge for the stage is to think about and reflect upon the social consequences of Karl Marx’s critique of political economy in Das Kapital. (‘Mein’ actually comes from Hitler’s Mein Kampf! which is an interesting twist.) The eight plays criticize in one way or another, the extreme consumption that capitalism has created in our societies and the detrimental results that this consumption has in individuals and in collective groups alike.”

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