How the Liberal Arts Can Prepare Entrepreneurs

In his most recent column in the Huffington Post, President and Sociologist D. Michael Lindsay explores the many benefits of a liberal arts education, especially for future entrepreneurs. 

Useful Innovation: The Next Great Challenge for Liberal Arts Colleges

President Lindsay

By D. Michael Lindsay

“It’s happening all around us, and the higher education community needs to pay attention. More and more, young people today are looking to entrepreneurial opportunities as the way of advancing the common good. Whether starting an innovative non-profit or a socially conscious business, these emerging leaders are motivated to make a difference with their lives.

“I’ve seen it in my own community just north of Boston. Gordon College alum Sam Winslow, for example, recently founded Thirst Footwear, which will fund new wells in sub-Saharan Africa through every shoe purchase. Then there’s the Accessible Icon Project — a collaboration between faculty members Brian Glenney and Tim Ferguson-Sauder, current Gordon students, Cambridge artist Sarah Hendron, and the disability advocacy group Triangle — which is working to change public perceptions of disability through a more active, engaged visual representation of the ‘Handicap Symbol.’ Gordon College itself has recently partnered with Praxis Labs, an organization that supports the development of new social enterprises through mentoring and funding opportunities.

“An entrepreneurial spirit is thriving among the next generation. Yet in order to turn their ambition into action, today’s students will need a solid foundation that prepares them for the unique challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. This is where a strong liberal arts education can give young entrepreneurs a significant advantage.” READ THE REST OF PRESIDENT LINDSAY’S COLUMN.

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