Thinking About the Flesh-and-Blood Jesus

New Testament scholar and theologian Scot McKnight used to ask his students if they thought Jesus made mistakes learning Hebrew or mathematics or Israelite history. “The question, I learned, was a good way to get students to think about the humanity of Jesus.” Those discussions also confirmed for him that many Christians did not know how to think of Jesus in human terms, which is also why McKnight has endorsed and written the introduction for the second edition of, Flesh-and-Blood Jesus: Learning to Be Fully Human,” by Dan Russ, academic dean. 

The book’s new and updated edition—which was recently released—includes McKnight’s introduction, a new chapter on Jesus and money, and many revised and expanded ideas, sentences, paragraphs and chapters, based in part on feedback Russ received from readers.

In addition to exploring various ways the Son of Man lived as a human, Russ also writes about the importance and power of money in the life of Jesus and our own lives. “(This) was a much needed addition (in the book), especially when considering the influence of today’s culture of materialism. We need to see how Christ himself responded to the challenges money can present.”  Flesh-and-Blood Jesus was first published in 2008, and is one of many published works by Russ .

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