Bringing Families Together, One Conversation—and Super Bowl Commercial—at a Time

JSarrouf_2012_07_18_03_21_51Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials won’t just be featuring the usual chips and beer promotions. This year’s will include a new Cheerios commercial with a family at the breakfast table, part of a national campaign to promote family mealtime conversations that John Sarrouf, adjunct professor of communication arts and sociology, is behind. Sarrouf, director of The Family Dinner Project, a non-profit organization and grass roots movement that promotes “food, fun and conversation about things that matter,” said that the General Mills Company recognized their work and initiated the partnership.

“At The Family Dinner Project, we’ve traveled the country talking with parents about the importance of mealtime in helping families stay connected—and about its many physical, academic and emotional benefits for children,” he said. “When Cheerios reached out in support of our mission to connect families through food, fun and conversation about things that matter, we were thrilled.”

Sarrouf, who teaches screenwriting as well as peace and conflict studies, wrote the script— is featured in—a COMMERCIAL for the Family Dinner Project that is being aired on regional television. National Public Radio also featured Sarrouf and the Family Dinner Project in a story on today’s Morning Edition, which can be heard HERE.

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