When Nothing is Impossible: New Book Focuses on Women of the Bible

elainephillipspicture.jpg.opt376x562o0,0s376x562For those who have ever thought something was impossible, Elaine Phillips, a professor of biblical studies at Gordon, has written a new book that suggests otherwise.

With God, Nothing is Impossible is Phillips’s first book for lay audiences, a devotional based on the stories of women in the Bible, both well known and less prominent. The Gordon Bookstore will host a book signing with the author on Thursday, April 3 at 1 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. The book will be for sale at a reduced price.

“Biblical characters, with all their wounds and scars, are living illustrations that there is a bigger and majestic tapestry,” Phillips said. “I wanted to write about their stories and the themes we see in each: how each points to God’s goodness and unfailing love.”

In addition to her new book, Phillips recently completed a commentary on Esther, which is included in The Expositor’s Bible Commentary and was edited by Tremper Longman III and David Garland. She regularly takes students to Jerusalem University College in Israel, where she serves as adjunct faculty for three-week summer study programs in historical geography. Phillips‘s other areas of interest and scholarly writing include the books of Exodus and Esther, biblical wisdom literature, and rabbinic Midrash. Her new book draws on her historic expertise and reminds readers of the fruit of faithful living. While mostly oriented for woman, it is accessible to anyone with a desire to grow in biblical faith.

One reviewer said, “Reading about each biblical woman, not just from the perspective of Scripture, but also with relevant historical and cultural context, allowed me to see each one not just as a character in a story, but as a real, flesh-and-blood individual in history.”

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