Sustained Dialogue Brings Change & Recognition

JSarrouf_2012_07_18_03_21_51Thanks to the leadership of John Sarrouf, adjunct professor of peace and conflict studies and communication arts, Gordon has been chosen to attend this summer’s inaugural PULSE Institute at Bucknell University sponsored by The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue in Washington, D.C.  Only 14 colleges or universities from across the country were accepted to participate in the five day conference, including American University, University of Virginia, Wake Forest University, College of William & Mary, Hoftra University and Case Western Reserve University. Sarrouf and other faculty, administrators and three students from Gordon’s Dialogue Club hope to attend the all expenses paid program in July.  Student Dialogue Club leaders Jessica Hunkler ’14 and Kerstin Pallo ’14—both social work majors—were also instrumental in submitting this application.

The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN) engages 27 campuses (in the U.S .and six countries worldwide), 4,500 students, and 4,000 alumni annually. SDCN participants meet weekly for results-oriented dialogue, building relationships around topics such as race, class, gender, and faith, while simultaneously addressing pressing needs in their communities.  Its PULSE program is a “new campus retreat designed to explore identity, leadership, and inclusion through experiential activity and immersive dialogue. The model aligns with current research demonstrating that an intense, immersive experience followed by sustained engagement is the best way to create attitudinal and behavioral change.”

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