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When Nothing is Impossible: New Book Focuses on Women of the Bible

For those who have ever thought something was impossible, Elaine Phillips, a professor of biblical studies at Gordon, has written a new book that suggests otherwise. With God, Nothing is Impossible is Phillips’s first book for lay audiences, a devotional based on the stories of women in the Bible, both well known and less prominent. The Gordon Bookstore will host a book signing Read full article »

The Global Language(s) of Scholarship

Academia today often requires dialogue across cultures, especially in addressing global issues, old and new. These faculty from very different disciplines have been busy with such work: Marv Wilson, professor of biblical studies, recently delivered the Ninth Annual Edwin M. Yamauchi lectureship at Miami University, Oxford, OH, March 7-9. His lecture combined chapters of a new book he's written, scheduled for publication in Read full article »

Seeing Christ Through the Eyes of Others

Understanding the narrative of John's Gospel  just became more illuminating, thanks in part to the editorial scholarship of Steven Hunt, professor of biblical studies. Hunt helped bring to light a series of studies that explore how both major and minor characters in John teach us about Christ as the central figure. Edited by Hunt, D. Francois Tolmie and Ruben Zimmermann, Character Studies in Read full article »

Christian Scholars Address Ethics Crises

Whether there's a new cultural crises in ethics or such crises have simply become more public through the information age, the need to address them is real. At this year's interdisciplinary  Christian Scholars Conference in June and around the theme, "Crises in Ethics: Theology, Business, Law and the Liberal and Fine Arts," two Gordon professors travelled to Nashville to present papers on Read full article »

Missions and the Christian Church in a Changing World

Paul Borthwick Between his many global travels, conferences, speaking engagements and teaching, Paul Borthwick, adjunct professor of Christian ministries, somehow found the time to write another book. Just released by InterVarsity Press, Borthwick's book, Western Christians in Global Mission: What's the Role of North American Church? provides a current analysis on how the Western church is viewed through the eyes of Majority Read full article »

Lazarus, John’s Gospel, and Friendship in South Africa

Steve Hunt in Cape Town, South Africa, at the end of his trip. The last thing Steve Hunt, professor of biblical studies and Christian ministries, thought when he began his scholarship on the Gospel of John was that it would take him around the world, to South Africa to be exact.  But since 2009, Hunt has been working on a book with D. Read full article »

Salvation Army Honors Roger Green with Rare Citation

On August 20, 1917, Bramwell Booth, the eldest son of William and Catherine Booth and the person who succeeded William as the General of The Salvation Army, inaugurated The Order of the Founder to honor his father. Millions of members of the Salvation Army have lived and died since the Order was established, but it has been presented to only about Read full article »

Summer Scholar: Touring the Land of the Bible

Editor's note: This is the third in a series of stories about Summer Scholars, exploring what Gordon professors are up to in between semesters. Here Elaine Phillips, professor of biblical studies, shares a few of the highlights of her upcoming study trip to Jerusalem. She is the second from left in the front row of the photo below, which was taken during the last Read full article »

What Young People Offer the Church

Youth ministry needs a new way of thinking, says Sharon Ketcham, associate professor of Christian ministries. On April 5, the national organization Youth Specialties sent an independent videographer to Gordon to interview Ketcham for an upcoming training event aimed at youth workers. Ketcham’s scholarship explores biblical and theological perspectives on the role of community in shaping the faith of young Read full article »

Beyond Salvation: The Writing Life of William Booth

100 years after his death, William Booth (1829–1912) is remembered for the role he played in founding the Salvation Army, the evangelical organization that now operates in more than 120 countries. What few people know, though, is that Booth was also a prolific author, writing articles and speeches on topics such as Christian doctrine and women in ministry. Roger J. Green, professor Read full article »