The Power of Servant Leadership by Antonio Vargas

Location: San Pedro de Marcoris, DR

Cost of trip: $1,700

Partner Organization: Colegio Moriah and TIME Ministries

For the past five years, Christ has shown me the power of servant leadership – one that sustains, develops, and mostly loves. Whether it was in prayer for my community, leading worship in city streets, heading to Washington D.C. to wash feet, or simply in sharing the gospel at an abandoned city park, it’s alway been about those around me. This year, Christ brought me, and some amazing people from Gordon College, to San Pedro de Marcoris, Dominican Republic for Spring Break. During our time in Colegio Moriah (host site), we worked through relational reconciliation, working in the school, building a home, and seeing God’s hand at work!

Personally, this experience has been very defining for my walk with Christ. Annually, the two leaders from the D.R. team have the opportunity to preach for Colegio Moriah’s Sunday service, and this year it was Luan Cadahia’s and my turn. As I wrapped up my sermon, the lead Pastor Tanis went to our Advisor Esteban, asking if I was able to also preach during their Tuesday service, and he accepted the invitation. After explaining to me the situation, I wondered how I was going to spend my time helping build a home and prepare a sermon in 48 hours – I didn’t know what to do! I spoke Esteban, and it was decided that one half of my day would stay back at the host site to work on my sermon, while the rest of the team went back to the construction site. I felt a lot of guilt about this because I felt that the reason why I went to the Dominican Republic was to work with the people physically.

In the middle of a writer’s block, I find this view, and begin to tear up:

It wasn’t the beautiful scenery that brought me to tears, it wasn’t the dirt in my eyes, it was the realization of the power of the God that I serve. I’ve been pushing away the calling of ministry in my life for years, and it took God to pick me up out of my country and drop me in another to realize that He is all-present and no matter how much I push, His will, will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

This mission trip means the world to me, and I couldn’t feel more humbled by God using me as His hands and feet. 


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