April 20: “Class Notes on Painting and the Arts”

Jo Kadlecek, senior communications writer, reads Class Notes on Painting and the Arts by Annie Dillard.


April 19: “On Time”

Liesl Smith, director of administration and management for global education, reads On Time by John Milton.


April 18: “The Soldier”

Janis Flint-Ferguson, professor of education and English, reads The Soldier by Rupert Brooke.


April 17: “Why I am Not a Painter”

Mark Stevick, associate professor of English, reads Why I Am Not a Painter by Frank O’Hara.


April 16: “A Psalm of Single Mindedness”

Sybil Coleman, program director for the social work program, reads A Psalm of Single Mindedness by Joseph Bayly.Coleman-_Sybil_2007_11_02_09_24_19


April 15: “Aunt Annie”

Cathy Thiele, assistant to the provost and academic dean, reads Aunt Annie by Janice King.


April 14: “portrait of a young london artist on the piccadilly line”

Matt Schwabauer, traffic manager, reads his published poem portrait of a young london artist on the piccadilly line .


April 13: “To Hear and To See Are Two Different Things”

Emmanuelle Vanborre, assistant professor of French, reads To Hear and To See Are Two Different Things by Jean-Dany Joachim.


April 12: “Love”

June Bodoni, senior director of admissions, reads Love by George Herbert.


April 11: “A Timbered Choir”

Britt Carlson, director of recruitment, reads A Timbered Choir by Wendell Berry.


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