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Always Studying
photo credit to my lovely roommate, McKenzie Watson When my need for comfort and peace o (More)
History Alive! Joins with CinemaSalem to Produce New Film
The most famous story on the North Shore just got a new life . . . in 3D film. The tale of the Salem witch ordeal draws thousands of visitors fr (More)
Best Poem: "A Stadium Full of Bears"
Real life often inspires our best creative efforts. Maybe that's why one of Mark Stevick's poem was recently selected to appear in an anthology ed (More)
New Faculty: Chad Stutz
In preparation for the start of the 2011-2012 academic year, Faculty Central will highlight the new members of the full-time faculty over the next few weeks. More)
Band of Five Offer Summer Advising
Call them Gordon's Band of Five. In addition to already full summer schedules that include research projects, professional trips, and family vacations, these five full t (More)
Disciplines Mix in Salem's Old Town Hall
The Gordon College Institute for Public History has launched a public lecture series in Salem's Old Town Hall, a historic building dating back to the early 1800s. The series o (More)
Science AND Fiction
Imagine using the works of Richard Dawkins (scientist), Kurt Vonnegut (novelist) and Tom Stoppard (playwright) in the same class. This semester in one of the new core class (More)