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Family in the Center for Faith and Inquiry
Affectionately termed our “secret hideaway location,” the Center for Faith and Inquiry (CFI) house is lo (More)
Delivering Aid in Kenya
On Thursday, December 1, Mike Veatch, professor of mathematics and chair of the mathematics and computer science department, will be giving a (More)
Voting by the Numbers
Yes, the presidential election season is upon us again, and that's good news for assistant mathematics profes (More)
Royal Probabilities
From July 6-8, 2011, Mike Veatch, professor of mathematics, will travel to the 16th INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference which will ta (More)
March Madness and the Beauty of Mathematics
Who knew college basketball could inspire the beauty of a mathematics challenge? Dick Stout, professor of math, that's who. Read his recent Faith + Idea (More)