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Reading in Community
This is my fourth year teaching our first-year seminar course. The course provides a context for reading, writing, thinking, and discussing. "These are four sides of the same coin, and cannot be learned independent of one another," I always say to my (More)
Loving Literature
My homework is another’s leisure.  I often hear people complaining that they enjoy a good read, but rarely have the time.  As an More)
Painting for Character . . . and the Next Generation
Last Tuesday, December 14, Tanja Butler, professor of art and painting, took her 13 students from More)
"Host and Hunger" Featured in Online Facts on World Hunger
Images of Jim Zingarelli's sculptures from his "Host and Hunger" exhibit are featured this month in More)
An Artist Talks of Devotion
During Faculty Forum, Wednesday Nov. 10, 4:30 pm, Jenks Library, Tanja Butler, associate professor of visual arts, will present a talk on: (More)