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Email is about Responsibility
From the daily lunch menu to accessing that YouTube movie for class, students must learn where to find information, and some do so better than others.  Cedrick May teaches American Literature at University of Texas at Arlington. As faculty must do (More)
"The Last of the Rowanberrys" or The Distinctions of Gordon College
When Provost Mark Sargent started preparing his fall presentation about Gordon’s distinctives, he wondered if he would be able to get the ma (More)
Distinguished Faculty Awards, 2010-2011
On Saturday, May 21, at Gordon's 119th Commencement ceremony, provost Mark Sargent recognized professor of economics and business Ted W (More)
Gordon's Poetic Faculty: Hear a Poem a Day
April is National Poetry Month and many faculty members have participated in Gordon's third annual poetry podcast project. Listen to a poem a day at More)
The Provost's Film Series
The Provost’s Film Series returns for the spring semester with a set of five films that explore the theme of “The Outsiders.” Since 1999, Provost M (More)
Snow Dreams, Dusty Feet: Reflections for Advent
Provost Mark Sargent offers a personal and stirring reflection here for the Christmas season. (Photo: Arlyne Van Dam Sargent on Christmas Day 1986, in Apeldoorn, Th (More)