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Loving Literature
My homework is another’s leisure.  I often hear people complaining that they enjoy a good read, but rarely have the time.  As an More)
Salem: Coming to Peace with The Witch City
Just in time for Halloween weekend, Kristina Stevick, artistic director of Gordon's History Aliv (More)
History Alive! Joins with CinemaSalem to Produce New Film
The most famous story on the North Shore just got a new life . . . in 3D film. The tale of the Salem witch ordeal draws thousands of visitors fr (More)
Clouds of Unknowing
In a short article published in the June 17th issue of Commonweal magazine, associate professor of history Tal Howard reflected upon the recent suc (More)
Disciplines Mix in Salem's Old Town Hall
The Gordon College Institute for Public History has launched a public lecture series in Salem's Old Town Hall, a historic building dating back to the early 1800s. The series o (More)
God and the Atlantic
Tal Howard, professor of history and director of the Jerusalem and Athens Forum, has a book coming out next month from Oxford University Press. God and the Atlantic: Am (More)
Academic Struggles? It's Ancient History
The following is the abstract of a paper entitled, "The Akademe’s Orphans: The 'Other' Athenian Schools and their Struggle to Survive in the Last Years of the Roman Republic,"  which David Wick, professor of history, is presenting next month in Athen (More)
Watching Presidential History
By R. Judson Carlberg, President of Gordon College (Pictured here as a college student beside the flag, holding microphone.) On November 8, 1960, John F. Kennedy (More)
Before the Tea Party: A Slice of History
On Monday, November 2, Associate Professor of History Steve Alter joined other Gordon faculty members in a cross-disciplinary panel (More)
Screwtape Revisited: “Tempting Thoughtful Young Christians—Strategies, Suggestions, and Techniques”
The following is an adaptation of C. S. Lewis’s idea in the Screwtape Letters, written by Tal Howard, associate professor of history, and presented at Gordon’s Honors C (More)